​Can Activated Charcoal interfere with prescribed medication?

 by charcoal on 04 Jan 2018 |
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Activated charcoal is a powerful non specific adsorbent that can be used to treat mild digestive disorders. However, it can also adsorb prescribed medications and this is something we are very keen to make our customers aware of.
We do not advise taking activated charcoal at the same time as prescribed medication. If you have been prescribed treatment for a medical condition it is advisable to stop taking or avoid taking activated charcoal products at the same time, unless you have received medical advice to confirm that it is safe to use activated charcoal with prescribed medication.
Many drugs are life saving and, if removed from the system by activated charcoal, this can have a significant impact on health.  
Raising awareness of the risks
We are keen to raise awareness of this issue with our customers for their own health and wellbeing. Whilst there are many health benefits to taking activated charcoal there are times when it should be avoided so that it does not have an impact on the effectiveness of other products or medications.
What should I do if I’m unsure?
If you are taking prescribed medications we suggest taking medical advise from your GP or Pharmacist before taking activated charcoal. You can also contact us here at JL Bragg by using the contact form on our website. Our medical adviser will respond to any queries or concerns you may have about the use of our charcoal tablets, powder and capsules alongside other products or medications. 


Elaine - Comment
Elaine21 May 2018Reply
I am thinking of taking charcoal tablets,but just wanted to check first,I am on medication and blood pressure tablets.I would be grateful if you could let me know if it would be wise to take these tablets with my medication.
Thank you.
charcoal - Comment
charcoal21 May 2018Reply
Dear Elaine
Thank you for your email, you are quite correct to enquire if your medication could be effected by activated charcoal, if you could advise what blood pressure medication your are taking and when you take this, as well as when you take the Lansoprazole it would be appreciated. Once we receive this information from you I shall pass this o our medical advisor who will review your medication and will advise.
Kind regards
Stacey turner - Comment
Stacey turner21 May 2018Reply
Hello I am suffering badly with gas and bloating can I take charcoal tablets if I am taking xxxxx tablets?
charcoal - Comment
charcoal21 May 2018Reply
Dear Stacey
Thank you for your email, we pass all medical enquiries to our Medical Advisor for review and comment. So he can provide you with an accurate assessment, can you please advise when you take your medication. If you could reply I can ensure your enquiry will be addressed as quickly as possible.
Kind regards
Angela - Comment
Angela21 May 2018Reply
Hi I am taking cxxx and exxx. Is it okay to take the charcoal tablets too.

Many thanks
charcoal - Comment
charcoal21 May 2018Reply
Dear Angela
Thank you for your email, if you can please advise when you are taking your medication it would be appreciated as this information is required by our medical advisor prior to reviewing your medication.

If you can reply directly it would be appreciated so we can address your question as quickly as possible

Kind regards
Julie - Comment
Julie21 May 2018Reply
Can I take charcoal tablets when taking pxxxx
charcoal - Comment
charcoal21 May 2018Reply
Dear Julie
Thank you for your email, activated charcoal can reduce the effectiveness of licensed medication. We can advise further on this as there maybe a safe window in which you can take your medication.To determine if this is possible, can you please advise the strength of your medication and when you take it. The information will be sent to our medical advisor who will review your medication and advise, I shall pass the information received from our medical advisor to you as soon as it is received.

Kind regards
Naiyaeh Butler - Comment
Naiyaeh Butler29 May 2018Reply
I take a low dose of Atinolol in the morning for hypertension. Is it safe to add Activated charcoal to my smoothie in the afternoon?
Karen Horrocks - Comment
Karen Horrocks27 Jun 2018Reply
Can I take activated charcoal with hrt tablets
charcoal - Comment
charcoal27 Jun 2018Reply
Dear Karen

Thank you for your email, activated charcoal can reduce the efficacy of prescribed medication, if you can provide me with further information regarding your medication it would be appreciated. I will pass your information on to our Medical Advisor, who will review your medication and advise, can you provide the following information:

Medication taken
When medication taken
If there are any other medications which you are taking other than advise above.

Can you please reply to the following email address: john.briggs@charcoal.uk.com

Kind regards
John cooke - Comment
John cooke27 Nov 2018Reply
Can I take charcole tablets. With rampiril blood presher tabs
charcoal - Comment
charcoal27 Nov 2018Reply
Dear John

Thank you for your email, in respect to your request we have to pass all medical enquiries to our Medical Advisor for comment. Can you advise if you are taking any other prescribed medication and when you are taking your current medication. If you could reply to my direct email address (detailed below) it would be appreciated so we may progress your enquiry as quickly as possible.


Kind regards
John Briggs
Amy - Comment
Amy08 Jul 2019Reply
Can use the charcoal tabs while using trileptal 600 and celexa 40?
charcoal - Comment
charcoal08 Jul 2019Reply
Thank you for your email, i can confirm that the efficacy of some prescribed medication may be reduced when using activated charcoal, if you can advise when you take your medication I can pass your enquiry to our medical advisor for recommendations.

kind regards
JL Bragg
Barbara - Comment
Barbara28 Jul 2019Reply
Was wondering can you take charcoal tablets along with other vitamins also l use inhalers and tablets for copd would very much like to hear fran answer from you thank you
charcoal - Comment
charcoal28 Jul 2019Reply
Dear Barbara
Thank you for your email, vitamins an supplements are not impacted by the use of Activated Charcoal, we are more concerned with prescribed medication. If you could please advise medication you are presently taking along with an indication of when you take the medication and the strength, that would be very useful. The information will then be issued to our medical advisor to review and provide recommendations.

If you can reply with this information to my email address it would be desirable, john.briggs@charcoal.uk.com.

Kind regards

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