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Fiona P
I've had IBS for ten years, and it's been particularly bad over the last six months.  My major symptom is trapped gas.  I've been using a lot of different prescription and over the counter medicines and had got to the stage where I was passing the gas, which was some improvement in terms of comfort, but still not ideal.  I started taking your charcoal tablets three days ago, and noticed an improvement the very next day.  Still a bit of wind, but nothing compared to before, and what is more, my energy levels have increased.  Its early days, but I'm definitely going to keep going.  Thank you!

Pippa W
Just a note to say I'm so pleased to have discovered I can buy your tablets online, your tablets are magic and what a relief they have provided over the years! ;) …phew!


Phil A
I cannot commend your product highly enough, I come from - to be blunt - a family of trumpers.  Growing up, the house was fruity and aromatic in the most unpleasent manner, and I assumed for over 50 years that it was just the way it is - I never considered that it might be treatable, but treatable in such a simple, cost effective manner.  I am staggered and just wish I could turn the clock back and make this discovery a couple of decades ago.  Cheers ! 

Jackie T

I just have to write to tell you that your product changed my life forever for the better. I had bowel cancer 6 years ago and had my caecum and ascending colon removed, thus rendering me with permanent diahorrea.  For a few years I suffered and was prescribed Lopermide, which in itself did fairly well but I still had very painful colic & wind. The consultant said get charcoal. Initially I poofed him and didn’t bother, but when I did eventually give them a go I couldn’t believe the difference it made to me. I can now lead a near normal life without the fear of putrid wind and colic. So thank you J L Bragg, you are truly a man of distinction!! Oh and long live your company too, especially your capsules!!!


Vijar D

I am so delighted with your charcoal tablets, within 3 days of taking them it completely changed by miserable life into a happy one.

My story starts in Aug 2008 after I returned from a holiday in Egypt, with severe pains in my abdomen with bloating, sickness and acid reflux.  My doctor referred me to the hospital where I had all kinds of tests performed, MRI, camera's etc.  I was finally discharged from hospital with the famous saying "We are sorry we can not do anything for you".

This carried on for two years, I was in constant pain and my trouser size went up from 36" to 42", I was in constant pain.  My doctor is a very nice man, I asked him one day about trying charcoal tablets, he happily wrote me a prescription.  After taking your product within three days all my problems disappeared !!!


Derek G
In the past 2 weeks I have been taking activated charcoal tablets, and have noticed a huge diference with my stomach / bowel problem. I have been told by my specialist that I have Diverticular Disease and IBS. Over the years I have tried many prescription and non prescrition drugs with limited sucess. Your product has been a huge help.

Denise G
I have been suffering for 3 months with bloated uncomfortable stomach. I've had blood tests and full body scans and nothing can be found as to the cause. Last Thursday I read on the internet aout your charcoal tablets and bought some. I had relief alomst immediately, I only wish I had known about them 3 month's ago.
Hazel J
Just a quick email to tell you that I have suffered from IBS and roseacea for about a year now….. Since I recently began to take your charcoal tablets I have noticed a massive difference in my health, many thanks.
Carol L
My husband has been taking you tablets and has been amazed how they work, he has had bowel cancer and a large part of his intestines removed. He used to be in such pain and discomfort until he started taking the tablets.
Julie A
I began taking your tablets and have to say my digestion has improved considerably. The bloat has gone as has the fermentation in my gut and my eyes are as clear and bright as they were when I was a lot younger. Terrific !!! I'm 67.
L Ellis
I want to than you, at last after years of embarrassing discomfort I have now found something that goes a long way to helping.
P Richardson
I used to take the charcoal tablets for many years they were real bonus fro me, then I could not buy them as I was told they were no longer available. So pleased when I found you on Google and they were in capsule form, no more black teeth and tongue, I read your testimonials and I will add mine, they are a real life saver.
S Rhone
I have recently started taking your product to relieve the symptom of gas in the intestine, which has worked marvellously for me.
Well I was sat in my brothers an he give me my favourite, garlic bread!! Two hours in to our evening catch up I felt the burn!! My usual acid reflux was ruining my night an it was miserable!! Now thanks to ur black stuff I feel raring to go! I have never felt reflux relief like it in my 15 years of suffering!! Thank you!
BB, Leicester
For many years I have been using your medicinal charcoal tablets, which I have found an effective and healthy medicine. Surrounded as we are by ever more complicated chemical remedies, your tablets are one of the few more or less natural medicines that really do work.
VJB, Tavistock
I am delighted at my fantastic recovery from a stomach problem. It lasted nine months and prevented holidays, social activities and entertainment. Consultants couldn’t find the cause. This followed a previous stomach problem which took a consultant two and a half years to diagnose a Reflux condition! However, the nine month complication eventually brought a suggestion from the Doctors concerned to visit a Harley Street specialist. He had no idea either as to the cause of the complaint. Just as I was leaving I mentioned morning wind pains in the chest and he advised me to try some charcoal tablets. He had no idea of the significance of his suggestion. I bought some of your tablets and in 48 hours there was an improvement and in four days I hadn’t felt so well in four and a half years, even the Reflux was subdued.
JIE, Milton Keynes
Your medicinal charcoal tablets have made such a difference to my life. For the past 15 years I have had a constant and painful ‘digestive disorder’. I was first told it was a gall bladder problem and put on a completely fat free diet but a scan showed nothing. I was then told it was probably a hiatus hernia and prescribed various medication, none of which helped. A friend told me about charcoal tablets and I now take them after every meal and can honestly say my life has changed as I can now eat most things.
GA, Forres
I've been a regular user of Bragg's Charcoal tablets for many years now. I'm paralysed from the neck down (Quadriplegic) and this has been the only natural product I've found that will ease my digestive problems of trapped wind, gas, etc. They are wonderful and have contributed greatly to keeping me living healthily in the community for the last 26 years, I'd be lost without them. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

DW, Edinburgh
Further to our telephone conversation yesterday, this is simply to thank for the advice you gave me as to where in Edinburgh we could purchase your medicinal charcoal tablets. As mentioned we were introduced to your tablets in India by English friends. The tablets are now a permanent feature in our medicine bag when ever we travel abroad.

We explain to everyone we meet that the medicines being offered for sale in chemists to help in the way of upset tummies etc may well work but they have side effects – not so your charcoal tablets.

I remember a particular time in India when my other half decided to stay in bed due to a fairly severe attack of “Delhi Belly”, she took four of your charcoal tablets in the morning and by lunch time she was up and about, fantastic!

The tablets are not just for taking abroad, I have on occasion taken them before going out on the town simply because I felt a little bloated from perhaps a lunch but by the time I am ready to leave for the evening I am as right as rain and raring to go.

By the way I am a type two diabetic and therefore have to be very wary of any medicines I take but the fact that the charcoal tablets are as natural as can be I have absolutely no problems with them.

CC, Canada
I spoke with my naturopath, who has heard of and used your product in the past, and she assured me that it is the best of its kind available anywhere.
MS, Hants
Whilst on a recent trip to Morocco I unfortunately suffered an upset stomach. One of our party gave me some charcoal tablets, which he swears by in such circumstances - our local guide administered three heaped spoons of cumin powder; not sure which one worked, but it certainly mitigated the symptoms. Is this a recognised use of charcoal tablets, in which case I shall certainly get some for future trips.
BT, Devon
This letter is to say thank you for your charcoal tablets. My husband’s enzymes in the stomach have gone on strike! Consequently food, especially the first meal of the day causes wind and, worst of all, nausea. He now takes your charcoal tablets in place of the doctor’s prescribed tablets and the difference is amazing. The relief he feels is marvelous, so to the list of reliefs could be added nausea.
IS, Llanelli
We were given a pot of your medicinal charcoal tablets a while ago by a friend and found them to be the best thing ever for upset tums.
DJB, Notts
I use your charcoal tablets for treating an IBS condition and find them helpful.
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