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Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Charcoal Tablets & Capsules

Activated charcoal is taken to provide relief from a wide variety of digestive conditions and our customers regularly report benefits when used for both short term disorders, such as upset stomachs and longstanding health problems such as colitis and IBS.

Preventing and treating upset stomachs

We always recommend packing Bragg’s charcoal tablets and capsules when travelling. Many of our customers take charcoal tablets and capsules for the duration of their overseas trip to prevent upset stomachs, others prefer to have it there just in case they fall ill. Charcoal can help by absorbing substances from the intestine and carrying them through the body, thus relieving symptoms.


Health benefits of Medicinal Activated Charcoal at a glance...
It provides 100% natural relief for indigestion, wind and heartburn
It can be taken during pregnancy and lactation
Alleviates the symptoms of Dyspepsia (chronic or recurrent discomfort in the abdomen accompanied by bloating, belching, nausea)
Vegetarian and Vegan friendly 
Wheat and Lactose free (excluding our biscuit products)
Activated Charcoal has been used for many years in the treatment of intestinal disorders


Relief from indigestion, wind, heartburn and dyspepsia

Bragg’s charcoal tablets provide 100% natural relief for indigestion, wind and heartburn. Their ability to absorb gases means they are also useful in alleviating the symptoms of dyspepsia and other digestive problems, easing chronic and recurrent abdominal discomfort which can often be accompanied by belching and nausea. 

What makes Bragg’s charcoal tablets & capsules different? 

We use a highly refined medical grade of activated charcoal in our products, this is totally different to natural charcoal which may be harmful.
JL Braggs is the only registered company in the UK permitted to supply activated charcoal as a licensed pharmaceutical in the UK.  There are many copies but only one original.
The charcoal used for medical applications is highly refined and purified to remove the harmful substances that are found in other natural grades of charcoal, which are not activated or highly refined.
Activated charcoal is produced by heating charcoal to high temperatures (800 - 1000 degrees centigrade), a process that alters the structure of the charcoal producing a honeycomb structure, which has a huge surface area - 1g of activated charcoal may have an area of over 1000 square metres.
JL Bragg only uses activated charcoal produced from coconuts. The structure of activated charcoal produced from coconuts is unique and works in harmony with our bodies, whereas other forms of charcoal do not have the same health benefits.
Activated charcoal does not absorb any nutrients, minerals or vitamins as these substances are either too large or do not bond with activated charcoal. 

Don't just take our word for it. Read testimonials from just a small selection of our happy customers who have felt the benefits from taking J.L Bragg's Medicinal Charcoal. 


If you are taking prescribed medication we recommend that you discuss the use of activated charcoal with your medical advisor. Activated charcoal can reduce the effectiveness of prescribed medications and this is why we include a warning on all of our packs. Copy products do not carry this warning and could be putting people at risk of harm. J L Braggs has an in-house medical adviser to support our customers and answer their queries. For specific medical advice relating to our products you can contact us and your query will be directed to our in-house medical adviser, who will respond typically within 24-48 hours. 

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