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Charcoal Lattes and More Healthy Food Trends

 by charcoal on 19 Apr 2017 |
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Here at Bragg’s we’ve been working with food manufacturers for some time, supplying food grade charcoal for all sorts of products from fancy bread to dainty macaroons. Now the use of charcoal as a healthy food ingredient is really catching on and food manufacturing is becoming a key market for us. So far our charcoal has been used in noodles, black brioche buns for top restaurants, charcoal ice cream, pizza bases, health drinks and much more.
Charcoal Lattes
One of the latest fashionable health food trends is the Charcoal Latte.  Adding charcoal to hot milk or your usual cup of coffee can create a soothing drink.
Using the right kind of charcoal
Although there are plenty of charcoal products on the market, none of the others are licensed pharmaceuticals, even though some claim to be. Bragg’s is the only company in the UK that is licensed to manufacture medicinal activated charcoal.
There are imitations on the high street but as the only company using pharmaceutical grade charcoal we can guarantee that ours is genuine and 100% natural.
Our status as the UK’s only licensed manufacturer of medicinal charcoal means food ingredients companies turn to us when they want to incorporate charcoal in their products.  Food standards are so rigorous that we are the only manufacturer that can supply a product that meets all the regulations for human consumption.
Why add charcoal to food and drink?
As well as aiding digestion, activated charcoal is used for purification and is commonly used to remove toxins from drinking water.
Activated charcoal is trusted worldwide for its many health benefits. We have been producing charcoal products for nearly 170  years and we have many happy customers who have experienced relief from digestive and other health complaints such as dyspepsia, heartburn and stomach upsets. We also have loyal customers overseas.
Medicinal charcoal is commonly used as a digestive treatment because of its ability to absorb chemical substances  and gases in the intestine and carry them harmlessly through the body.
Food manufacturers are now incorporating it into all sorts of recipes because of its health benefits but they are also attracted by the unusual colour and texture it can give breads and other products.


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