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Activated Charcoal and Prescribed Medication

 by charcoal on 12 Nov 2019 |
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Recent press articles have raised concerns about the use of activated charcoal with prescribed medication. This is something JL Bragg’s is fully aware of and we always recommend taking medical advice. 
We also offer full support to customers who may be concerned about using their charcoal tablets, powder or capsules alongside other medicines and are always happy to respond to queries. 
Whilst there are many health benefits to taking activated charcoal there are times when it should be avoided so that it does not have an impact on the effectiveness of other products or medications.

Activated charcoal is a powerful non specific adsorbent that can be used to treat mild digestive disorders. However, it can also adsorb prescribed medications and this is something we have always been keen to make our customers aware of.
We do not advise taking activated charcoal at the same time as prescribed medication. If you have been prescribed treatment for a medical condition it is advisable to stop taking or avoid taking activated charcoal products at the same time, unless you have received medical advice to confirm that it is safe to use activated charcoal with prescribed medication.
Many drugs are life saving and, if removed from the system by activated charcoal, this can have a significant impact on health.  
If you are taking prescribed medications we suggest taking medical advise from your GP or Pharmacist before taking activated charcoal. You can also contact us here at JL Bragg by using the contact form on our website. Our medical adviser will respond to any queries or concerns you may have about the use of our charcoal tablets, powder and capsules alongside other products or medications. 


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