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J.L Bragg Charcoal Powder BPC 1934 1kg Pouch
Activated Charcoal BPC 1934

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Charcoal Powder (Activated Charcoal)

Used for the treatment of, indigestion, wind, flatulence and diarrhoea.

Produced from natural ingredients, no artificial additives or ingredients.

Adults & children over 12: 1 level teaspoon dispersed in a glass of water, taken by mouth immediately.

Children under 12: not recommended.

The product when taken in this way will leave a residue in the mouth, either rinse the mouth with water or brush your teeth to remove the residue.

Active ingredient:
100% Activated Charcoal, BPC 1934.

Our activated charcoal is pharmaceutical grade, BPC stands for "The British Pharmaceutical Codex" which defines the quality and specification of the activated charcoal.  The correct chemical term for this grade of material is activated carbon.  

The charcoal is a finely reduced powder (approx 40 microns), which presents a huge surface area for the absorption of substances, 1g of activated charcoal has a surface area of  up to 1000 meters sq. which is the size of four tennis courts.  Larger particles, 1-2mm in size, of  activated charcoal have a much lower surface area, they may be easier to handle, however due the lower surface area they will not act as fast or be as effective.   

If you take activated charcoal orally, it is essential you use a highly refined pharmaceutical grade of the material,  as other products marketed as activated charcoal or charcoal may not be produced from the same quality of material and may contain harmful impurities.

If you are taking prescribed medication we recommend that you discuss the use of activated charcoal with your medical advisor, if you require medical advise in regards to using our products, you may contact us either via our email address or telephone on 01473 748345, we shall pass your enquiry on to our medical advisor who will respond typically within 24-48 hours.
Name : sarah
Location : uk
Title : fantastic product 5*
Review : I bought two pouches of activated charcoal a couple of years. It is used for brushing teeth instead of toothpaste. Amazing stuff, highly recommend. I am back to buy some more. Dont know why the "Rating" wont register my 5* :S

can you please let us know the bulk pack size ie 20kg bag

Hi The bulk pack size of AC Powder is 20kg. Kind regards

Hi there, can I get a copy of the MSDS for this product please?

Hi Copy has been issued to your email address. Kind regards

Is this a good grade product, can it be used as an ingredient in retail food products?

Thank you your email, the activated charcoal we supply exceeds the requirements for retail food products, our product is a licensed pharmaceutical. We are aware of a number of companies selling charcoal powders / products, not all of these products maybe suitable for human or animal consumption.

Can this activated charcoal be used the filter water, if not can you suggest which type would be best . The type I have used before is about the same size as (beach) sand. Thank you Keith Gardner

Dear Keith Thank you for your email, the nominal particle size for current powder is approx 50-100 microns, which would be significantly finer than the material you have previously used. Kind regards

Hello there, you mention: "Produced from natural ingredients", can you be more specific? Which country is it sourced from? Thank you. Regards, Michael

Dear Michael Thank you for your email, our activated charcoal is produced from Coconut shells, unfortunately we don't have the climate to grow Coconuts in the UK so they are harvested in Malaysia and imported to the UK. Kind regards

If I get the powder instead of the capsules are the directions the same as the capsule ie after meals? 1 teaspoon as opposed to a capsule after meals though must be a larger amount by far

Hi Derek We don't normally recommend customers use the powder, as the material is difficult to use as it must be dispersed in water and is messy. The formulated products (tablets and capsules) are the easiest way to take the product. In response to your question the powder is generally taken upto 3 x per day 1 teaspoon dispersed in a large glass of water. Kind regards

I wish to use this product for my horse to prevent "scouring". Already tried and has been successful but I am using large quantities and wondered if the "super absorbency" product may be better for me. It is also costing me quite a lot at present from current supplier. I need to purchase urgently to replace dwindling supply so urgent response would be much appreciated. Lindsey Tomlinson

Dear Linsey We have an alternate product which may be or value for the condition you describe, we have a small qty of pre-luanch Equicarbon. If you can contact the office we can discuss supply of this product. Kind regards

Could you tell me what kind of charcoal you are selling. In other words what material it is made from. I look forward to hearing from yourselves, at your earliest convenience. Kind regards Carol

Hi Carol Our Activated charcoal is produced from Coconut shell. Kind regards

Hi, Is your charcoal from Willow? Regards, John

Hi Our activated charcoal is sourced from coconuts, willow charcoal has a lower absorbancy than coconut activated charcoal. Willow charcoal is not licensed for pharmaceutical applications and should not be used to take orally or applied topically. Kind regards

Dear Friends, Is your activated charcoal made without chemicals? In other words, is it free of chemicals? Many thanks, Cory Sea

Dear Cory Thank you for your email, our activated charcoal is not processed using any chemicals. The manufacturing process involves heating the coconut shells the product is derived from to 1000 deg C, the product is then exposed to superheated steam, cooled and milled to produce a fine powder. Kind regards

Hi What is the inci name for your activated charcoal powder? Thanks annamaria Nielsen DEnmark

Dear Annamaria Thank you for your email, I can advise that we don't have access to the INCI database for materials. Our product is listed as a licensed pharmaceutical, the active ingredient (activated charcoal) has CAS and EINECS refference numbers which you may be able to cross ref against the INCI database. The ref numbers are detailed below: CAS 7440-44-0 EINECS 931-328-0 Kind regards JL Bragg

hi, is it possible to pick up this product from boots? regards tom.

Hi Tom Unfortunately Boots will stock the powder product, the powder can only be purchased direct. Kind regards

Hi, I am thinking of buying this to brush my teeth. How fine is the powder? I would obviously need it not to be in pellet or granular form. Many thanks!

Hi Christian Thank you for your email, if you can provide me with some information in regards to how you wish to use the product we may be able advise further. If you could send your response to the following email our expert in this area will be able to assist you. Kind regards JL Bragg

When will you have it in stock again?

Thank you for your email, we anticipate the product will be in stock early next week, at the present time the product has been packed and we are waiting for the product to be released by our Quality Control Dept. Kind regards

whats the difference between super absorbent and just activated charcoal

Thank you for your email, the super absorbent charcoal has a higher surface area and thus a higher capacity than the std activated charcoal powder. If I can be of any further assistance please advise. Kind regards

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