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Medical Advice

Taking Activated Charcoal:

The product should be used as directed using the information provided on the packaging, this applies to our tablets and capsule products.

Activated charcoal, is classified as a non specific absorbent and as such may reduce the efficacy of some prescription medication.  If you are concerned about this please either contact your Medical Practitioner / Pharmacist or alternately contact us and we shall refer your enquiries to our Medical Advisor.

Activated Charcoal does not absorb nutrients, vitamins or food supplements.

Our tablets and capsules, do not contain any gluten.

Our tablets and powder are classified as licensed pharmaceuticals, our capsules are classified as food supplements.

We are often asked about the difference between the tablets and caspules, essentially the products both contain 300mg of Activated Charcoal, the differences in the formulations are detailed below:

Do not contain any gluten, and are suitable for Vegans, the product does not contain any GMO materials and is not irradiated.  Tablets do contain sugar (approx 5 calories / tablet) we are advised by our Medical Advisors that this amount of sugar should not be of concern to persons who wish to control or reduce their sugar intake, if you wish to eliminate sugar please refer to our capsules.

The tablets are available in packs of 100 and 250 tablets, these are classified as licesned pharmaceuticals. 

Do not contain any gluten, we presently have two presentations the new 100's presentation are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, the 50's presenation is being phased out and is not suitable for Vegans as the shells are produced from gelatine.   The product does not contain any GMO materials and is not irradiated, the capsule formulation does not contain any sugar.  Our new 100's pack of capsules are produced from vegetable based material, the older 50's pack contains gelatine as this material dissolves rapidly thus permitting the release of the activated charcoal as quickly as possible nominally 1-2 minutes.

The capsules are available in packs of 50 and 100 capsules, these are classified as food supplements, please note:

50's Capsules:
These are not suitable for vegetarians as the capsule shell contains gelatine, once stocks have been delepleted this line item will no longer be available

100's Capsules:
Suitable for vegan and vegetarians, this is a new product formulated to be suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Are no longer available, for a number of years we have been exposed to manufacturing supply issues, in 2019 we dedcide to remove the product from the market.
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